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Tree Removal

21 Apr Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Tree Removal
Tree Removal

realtree tree removalRemoving a tree from your property is a large job, and a serious undertaking that must be done with utmost care and safety. Homeowners may choose to remove a tree for a variety of reasons, including disease or damage to the tree, damage to surrounding structures such as buildings and utility poles, and liability issues regarding a tree that grows too close to your home or other structures. Trees may also be removed for purely aesthetic reasons during a renovation of your yard or garden.

The key to a successful tree removal is safety. Put a plan in place that clearly outlines how you plan to take the tree down –both upper and lower limbs– and include estimates for where the trunk and large limbs will fall. Wide and tall trees are more difficult to remove without additional helpers to both perform manual labor and spot the workers.

Safety glasses, work gloves and heavy footwear keep both workers and spectators safe from airborne wood chips, splinters and foot injuries as the lower limbs of the tree are removed with a chainsaw. Tree removal crews may be required to climb the trunk to access higher limbs; be sure children and pets are safely out of the way of harm. If you need to hire a professional to remove a tree, contact RealTree, Inc.

A tree service can not only safely take down tall trees, but can also grind the stump. Tree stumps pose a “trip hazard” because they are not often visible from a distance. Hire a tree removal professional to ensure the safety of your family and to minimize damage to surrounding foliage.