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Sod vs. Seed: Which is Right for Your Lawn?

02 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Sod vs. Seed: Which is Right for Your Lawn?
Sod vs. Seed: Which is Right for Your Lawn?

When you want to redo your turf, the first thing you may ask yourself is whether you should use grass seed or opt for sod installation. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to help you make the best possible choice for your lawn, here is a more in-depth look at each option.

Grass Seed

For many people, there’s something about the sight of newly-sprouted grass. It’s bright chartreuse hue and fine texture make a lovely sight when covered with morning dew. Seed is generally less labor-intensive than sod and offers more options regarding grass varieties. Furthermore, grass seed is often less expensive than sod, to the tune of six to ten cents per square foot. It’s also easier to simply drive to the hardware store and pick up a bag of seed than it is to order a huge truckload of sod.

Unfortunately, grass seed is not without its downfalls. Although new grass is nice to look at, it is incredibly susceptible to damage, disease and being washed away by heavy rainfall. Diligent weeding in the first few months is a must because young grass, which takes two to three years to mature, can be easily choked out by the roots of competing plants. In addition, grass seed has to be protected from foot traffic from people and pets, needs to be covered with a layer of mulch or straw and requires frequent gentle waterings to grow properly.


Sod for lawns has relatively few downfalls compared to grass seed. It can be quite a bit more expensive, costing anywhere between 14 and 40 cents per square foot. Rolls of sod are also heavy. In some cases, sod installation may have to be performed by a professional lawn care company.

However, when you take sod’s numerous benefits into account, it’s a far better choice than grass seed. First and foremost, sod provides a thick, lush lawn that you and your family can walk on immediately. Because sod is so thick and its roots are already developed, it won’t dry out as quickly as seeded soil. This means that you only have to water it occasionally.

Furthermore, sod for lawns is highly resistant to being taken over by weeds. The aggressively-growing roots of the mature grass means that most weeds don’t even stand a chance of germinating. If any weeds do pop up, at least you will actually be able to walk on your turf to go pull them out! Sod it also easier to maintain than young grass. It can be cut with a lawnmower, fertilized, raked and watered with impunity. In addition, sod is incredibly hard to kill, unlike freshly seeded grass.

While being able to choose your own grass varieties and spread them with little effort can be convenient, most homeowners will be better off choosing sod for their new lawn. It’s low-maintenance, looks good right away, protects from weeds and is durable.