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5 Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

27 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on 5 Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps
5 Reasons to Remove Tree Stumps

1. Tree Stumps are an eyesore. If you own your own home, you want your back yard to look as good as possible. The right trees can provide great shade and a great look, but lots of things can go wrong with certain trees, so you might need them cut down. Whether or not you cut it down yourself or hire a tree service, there will be a stump. Tree stump removal can be a back-breaking process, so hire a landscaper that offers stump grinding.

2. Tree stumps get in the way. If you had a tree in the middle of your yard but you had to get it cut down, you lost your nice shade in the middle of the yard and now you have a stump. If the stump is too low to the grass, and you aren’t paying attention when you’re mowing, you could seriously damage your lawn mower. Even worse, your kids can trip over the stump and hurt themselves if they are playing in the yard. Hire a tree service that offers a stump grinding service to get rid of that eyesore. When tree stumps are ground down, you are left with a pile of natural mulch that you can use anywhere.

3. Tree stumps are prone to infestations. Many stumps consist of diseased wood, which means lots of bugs. Carpenter ants especially have been known to make their nests in old tree stumps. Get rid of these household pests and hire a landscaper to take that stump out!

4. Tree stumps can lower your property value. One factor that goes into your property value is how well-kept the surrounding land is. Tree stumps will almost always knock your property value down because they are an eyesore. Having lots of stumps in your yard will give off the impression that your home is a “fixer-upper” which will certainly lower your bottom line if you are looking to sell.

5. Stumps can cause serious structural damage. A tree stump means there are longer tree roots underground that can poke holes into sewer lines, crack foundations and ruin adjacent sidewalks. Don’t wait for that old tree to ruin your foundation. Hiring a landscaper to remove the tree and the stump is much cheaper than getting your foundation repaired.