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How Land Clearing Works

10 Jan Posted by in Blog, Land Clearing | Comments Off on How Land Clearing Works

Residential Land ClearingLand clearing is a method for removing trees and other plant life in order to clear an area of its natural hindrances. Bulldozers are one kind of tool used by land clearing companies to uproot trees, rocks and dirt in a wide area. These machines are useful for getting rid of tree stumps, cutting off plant growth at the roots so they don’t regrow and picking up large rocks that a human couldn’t possibly lift. For smaller land clearing, a chainsaw works very well, allowing a company to come in and personally select shrubbery and trees which need to be cut. Removing specific plant life opens up the canopy, letting in more direct sunlight for plants on the ground and facilitates healthy air flow through the remaining trees.

Homeowners with tree and bush stumps on their property benefit from land clearing, as stumps are rooted deeply in the ground and as difficult to remove as they are unsightly blemishes on a landscape. Cleared land makes room for structures such as playgrounds, fences, sheds and patios, giving a home more versatility and function, especially for families with children. Land free of trees and shrubs is a safer environment for young children because it ensures a direct line of sight for parents to observe their children and also gets rid of roots and stumps which those who are younger easily trip over. If a home with a basement is being built, stumps, roots and rocks need to be removed in order to create a sound foundation. For homeowners with several cars or larger cars, land clearing opens up more driveway space so that grassy lawns aren’t disturbed by cars needing to be driven around other parked cars which block the path to the street.