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Crew Protection is a Top Priority

11 Jul Posted by in Blog, Demolition, Excavation, Grading, Land Clearing, Sod, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Crew Protection is a Top Priority

Crew SafetyCrew Protection Is Everyone’s Business

Businesses with crews working in a local residential area take precautions of insuring worker safety and protection through costly liability policies. Crew protection should be a top priority for everyone, including residents and drivers in or near locations where land is cleared, trees are removed or sod is installed or replaced. Help protect crews. Be ready to cooperate with the work to be done. In this way, residents, drivers and crews are simultaneously protected from injury and everyone can return home safely. Safety first always includes common courtesy initiatives and cooperation.

Be Aware, Spread the Word and Play It Safe

Often, local municipalities do not alert residents and drivers in advance of specific work projects in progress. This creates a bit of animosity toward crews charged with the duties of completing their work efficiently, expediently and effectively. Removing trees can be extremely dangerous. Crews take safety measures to insure that limbs of trees are removed without additional damage to the work area. New construction and land clearing always mandates the use of heavy duty equipment. It’s common courtesy to remain far away from these work areas to insure personal safety and the safety of working crews. These types of jobs require intense concentration on each phase of the work. Unnecessary interruptions by residents or drivers attempting to pass through work areas disrupt workflow and become dangerous to crews. Be aware of work to be done in your area. If work has already begun, call your local municipality for details and ask what your responsibilities to crew safety may be. Then, play it safe and spread the word to neighbors and local schools located in the work area. This will increase your personal safety and that of the crew. Safety first is always the top priority.