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Tree Removal And Why It Is Important

28 Nov Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Tree Removal And Why It Is Important

Trees to be SavedTrees are an important part of any property. They offer beauty, protection from weather and can increase value. The time may come when a tree needs to be removed, and there are several aspects to consider before doing so.


This is the most common reason for tree removal. If the tree has fungus growing on the trunk, has had at least 50 percent of its root system damaged, is leaning significantly or has no room for further growth, it should be removed by a professional. Environment is also a large consideration. If the tree is growing near water or a ledge, it will have a shallow root system. This type of tree will be severely impacted by any changes surrounding it, especially new construction.

Species of Tree

Several species of trees are undesirable due to their impact on the immediate environment, which can include causing damage or attracting pests. Damage problems include root systems that ruin lawns or crack sidewalks. Some drop a lot of leaves and debris that cause headaches for everyone, or reseed themselves at a high rate. Some tree species are attractive to pests and diseases. Trees that should be removed include poplar, mulberry, box elder and willow.

Other Considerations

Trees can cause other, less obvious problems, such as blocking a signal or impeding the flow of traffic, slowing the growth of other nearby trees or being too close to a home. All of these scenarios should be consideration for removal. In some cases, a large and very old tree may have historic value and more effort should be put into saving it, unless it is very sick or causing damage by dropping large branches or having an invasive root system.

Anyone who is considering tree removal should always consult with a professional service before taking any action.