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What Is Involved In Commercial Demolition

09 May Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What Is Involved In Commercial Demolition

Prep for GradingThere are many big projects that can be taken on. Commercial demolition is one of them. It takes several days to finish the process of clearing a site with an existing structure that is more than three stories high. This falls under commercial clearing. It is very different from residential demolition.

Mechanical and manual demolition can be applied for industrial or commercial scale jobs. There are power tools generally used for manual demolition. These tools include drills, hammers, and saws. There are grapplers, wrecking balls, and pulverizers that are on the job site as well. The contractors will take care of the debris form the site. The debris should be moved to recycling site or a permitted landfill.

If a commercial demolition job is going to be done, demolition contractors are needed. This is because they know all the process involved for insurance and liability considerations. If you decide to hire a professional company with appropriate liability insurance, they will be responsible for any potential damages or injuries that happen while on the job. This process is not just leveling an existing structure. There are several site clearing services involved with type of job:

* Structural demolition such as wrecking of building

* Removal of construction finishes

* Site clearing such as clearing vegetation

* Soil tests and drilling

* Asbestos abatement

* Project utilities like preparing for incoming utilities such as septic tanks and wells

* Caissons and pilings such as foundations and docks

* Site and vegetation protection

These demolition contractors are able to recognize hazardous material as well. Commercial demolitions projects are paid by the hour. Most construction services pay by the hour. The total fee you will be paying will most likely include machine rental, labor, debris/waster disposal, and miscellaneous tools such as drills and blades as well. If you hire the right demolition contractors, you can save money.