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Get Your Ground Ready for a Swimming Pool: Hire an Excavation Company

19 Jun Posted by in Blog, Excavation, Land Clearing | Comments Off on Get Your Ground Ready for a Swimming Pool: Hire an Excavation Company

To beat the summer heat, you jump into your in ground swimming pool to cool off and maybe work on a tan. If you do not have a swimming pool, you are probably looking at your backyard wishing you did. Excavators are an important part of the swimming pool process and help prep the ground before your pool goes into it. It is important for the ground to be done right, otherwise you could end up with cracks in your pool. Excavation is needed for all in ground pools and it is the foundation work for your pool.

The Process

The first thing that needs to be done is preparing the layout. You and your contractor will go over how big the pool is, where you want it, and more. The contractor will look around at the yard and judge the ground. This lets him know how to prepare for the job ahead.

Next, he will then begin marking the lines where he will be digging. You will often see white paint lines throughout your yard marking where the digging will occur. These lines help remind him where he needs to excavate. After the lines are down, excavation can begin. You will notice that your contractor begins removing dirt from the ground.

As the excavation continues, you will notice that the area of the ground that is dug out is different in all places. This is because the deep end of the pool needs more dirt dug out than the shallow end of the pool.

Once all of the dirt has been removed from the ground, the rest of the work must be done by hand. This includes getting those fine lines dug out and rounding off any edges to ensure that the pool will have the perfect fit.

Once everything is ready, the pool will be placed into the hole and the contractor will fill any open areas with dirt that was excavated.

The process requires time and dedication to get it done. All of the holes need to be the perfect size and the excavation company must pay attention to what they are doing so that your pool fits properly and does not become damaged.

Contact an Excavation Company Today

If you are looking to have a pool put in your yard for the summer, hire Real Tree, Inc. to help you get your ground ready.