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Don’t Kill Your Lawn: Get Rid of Pests without Harsh Chemicals

03 Jul Posted by in Blog, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Don’t Kill Your Lawn: Get Rid of Pests without Harsh Chemicals

pest removal 7_3Pests have a way of inviting themselves to live on your lawn whether you want them there or not. It can be hard to deal with pests, especially when they never want to seem to leave and the result of your struggle is dead grass. There is a way to properly maintain your lawn without the side effects of brown spots, dead grass, and large dirt holes.

Types of Pests

There are three different types of family of pests that can invade your garden. These include:

  • Insects
  • Mammals
  • Gastropods

These three families wreak the most havoc and if you are not paying attention, they can destroy your yard.

Caring for Your Lawn

There are different ways of pest removal for your yard; however, you do not want to use harsh chemicals that will cause your grass to die. Chemicals are also a hazard to family pets and children so it is best to avoid them.

There are alternatives to the chemicals and these safe solutions will help rid your lawn.

Bait and Trap

If you have grasshoppers, slugs, or other pesky pests that tend to invade your lawn, trap them. You can do this by baiting them to a certain area and then trapping them. Once the pest is trapped, you can kill them or relocate them elsewhere.

For instance, to get rid of pesky Lubber grasshoppers in Florida, you can set cups of soapy water into the ground. The grasshopper will fall into the cup as he walks along the ground and then drown in the cup. You must make sure the top of the cup is flush with the ground and that the cup is deep enough that the grasshopper cannot get out.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are a safe way to keep pests off of your lawn and out of your garden. You can add the coffee ground to the soil and this will actually help promote the health of the soil. Deer and slugs do not like coffee and this will automatically keep them away from your yard.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a great way to keep moles out of your lawn. You can usually tell when a mole is present because your ground will have little mountain volcano holes everywhere. The mole is notorious for destroying yards and will not hold back in your yard. Simply apply a granular or liquid castor oil to your lawn and watch as the moles find a new home elsewhere.


It is always best to use organic and safe insecticides on your lawn when possible. Sometimes you may not be able to avoid using traditional insecticides to get rid of certain pests such as mole crickets, grubs, and chinch bugs.

Not Sure if You Have Pests?

If you are not sure whether it is a pest in your lawn, you can do a test on the ground by creating a solution of soapy water. This solution is then poured onto a patch of your yard. If you do have yard pests, you will notice they begin to rise to the surface and you can quickly identify the type you have.

Call a Professional Today

Your lawn care is important and you will need to call a professional lawn care company if you are having problems with pests. You can try and control them yourself, but when the problem becomes unruly, you need to rely on the professionals.