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What is A Leach Field?

29 Jan Posted by in Blog, Excavation, Land Clearing | Comments Off on What is A Leach Field?

drainageA leach field, simply put, is the area where water within a septic system drains back into the soil of the building where it is located. Leach fields are attached to septic systems which are used when there are no city sewer facilities. These systems can be residential or commercial. When done properly they will work for many years. When not done properly they can cause lawn erosion.

Septic Systems And Leach Fields

Whenever liquids go down any drain in a building without a sewer hookup they go into the septic system. These systems have a tank for solids where the solids will break down over time. The liquids continue their journey and are dispersed through a series of pipes which have small holes and are laid on top of gravel. The liquids disperse through these pipes and into the ground. This is called a leach field as the pipes are generally spread out over at least ten square feet and the pipes are laid in lines next to each other. Some systems are linear but the concept is the same.

Land Clearing

Whenever a home or commercial building is constructed with a septic system land clearing is a major factor. Trees cannot be allowed to grow near a leach field as they will interfere with the safe dispersal of these liquids. Commercial land clearing is necessary for clearing an area when a business is involved. The leach field for a business is much larger and spreads further. A residential land clearing company can efficiently remove trees for a residential leach field.

Lawn Grading And Erosion

The purpose of a leach field is safe water dispersal. The lawn of a building may need grading to ensure the leach field has sufficient soil in order to work properly. Some counties require a mound of dirt over an elevated leach field. This is due to local drainage issues. Hiring a professional to properly grade a lawn in the area of a leach field will prevent lawn erosion. It will help to maintain the proper function of the leach field.

Leach fields are a necessary part of any septic system. Proper installation requires a large enough leach field to handle the volume of liquids as well as tree clearance to stop tree roots from invading the field. Proper lawn grading prevents soil erosion in the leach field area.