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08 Aug Posted by in Blog, Land Clearing | Comments Off on Lawn Care Tips for Outdoor Living and Backyard Entertainment for Fall

Lawn Care Tips for Outdoor Living and Backyard Entertainment for Fall

fall outdoorAfter the summer heat has subsided, it’s the perfect time for outdoor entertaining. Fall is also the ideal season to get outside and perform some lawn maintenance. These are a few tips for fall yard care that will help create a beautiful lawn for autumn outside barbecues.

Determine the Grass Type

Cool fall turf grasses thrive in mild temperatures, such as rye, fescues and Kentucky blue grass. Warm season grasses grow when weather is warm and are popular in the southern states of the U.S., like Bermuda, buffalo and Saint Augustine grass. If you’re not sure what type of grass is growing in your yard, take a sample to a local garden center. However, regardless of the type of grass, there is some routine lawn maintenance that needs to be done until the grass stops growing, depending on the area you live.

  • Regular daily watering and mowing once or twice a week is necessary for a neat, manicured lawn.
  • Lawn aeration is a must in order to allow for sufficient nutrient and moisture absorption. It also loosens up the soil for planting winter grass seed.
  • Autumn is the best time of year for applying fertilizer. All types of grass should receive a fall dose of nourishment that contains a mixture of lawn nutrients with a slow release of nitrogen, particularly if the yard is planted with a cool season grass.
  • Fall is a good time for over-seeding and filling in bare areas, which prevents a patchy looking lawn and promotes a lush look.
  • Protect the lawn from being invaded by harmful insects and weeds. Apply lawn pesticides and broadleaf weed killer. This will propose a better looking yard and prevent also help to protect guests from being bothered by pesky bugs.

Additional Tips for Fall Lawn Maintenance

  • Keep leaves from smothering the grass by vacuuming or raking weekly.
  • Never add gas or oil to lawn equipment while in the yard, because it will kill the grass if it is spilled.
  • If you are providing proper lawn maintenance and the grass is still not growing well, you may want to have the soil tested by a professional lawn service company.


31 Jul Posted by in Blog, Land Clearing | Comments Off on How Land Clearing Services Aid in Your Land’s Development

How Land Clearing Services Aid in Your Land’s Development

Land clearingLand clearing services provide a critical first step to developers and individuals who are building on undeveloped land. By engaging a team of professionals, developers can ensure that land is cleared efficiently and safely, minimizing risks and preserving the value of your property. Whether for commercial or residential land clearing, a professional clearer manage all elements of clearing and excavation more quickly, efficiently and safely than an unskilled team of laborers could manage.

In essence, land clearing includes all the tasks necessary to transform natural terrain into land on which a developer can begin construction. Depending on the particular circumstances, the clearing and excavation process may require removal of dirt, rock and trees; demolition; excavation for water, septic and sewer systems; drainage; lot levels; foundation building; and erosion control. Without these basic services, it’s impossible to move forward with any form of construction.

Hiring a professional, well-qualified clearing company can offer a number of advantages. Many companies offer services such as mulching, transforming the trees and vegetation on your property into a valuable resource. In areas where intense run-off is common, erosion control services make the property more useful and economical for years to come. An outstanding land clearing service should also be able to clear the allotted property without causing any damage to trees on surrounding areas, or outside the actual building site. This pinpointed capacity for land clearing is a particular benefit for environmentally aware builders and anyone wishing to preserve older growth trees on the property.

In addition to expertise, land clearing services are qualified and equipped to operate all of the machinery needed to adequately clear your land. Depending on the particular type of terrain, kind of vegetation present, and amount of rock requiring removal, a wide range of large-scale equipment may be needed.


19 Jun Posted by in Blog, Excavation, Land Clearing | Comments Off on Get Your Ground Ready for a Swimming Pool: Hire an Excavation Company

Get Your Ground Ready for a Swimming Pool: Hire an Excavation Company

To beat the summer heat, you jump into your in ground swimming pool to cool off and maybe work on a tan. If you do not have a swimming pool, you are probably looking at your backyard wishing you did. Excavators are an important part of the swimming pool process and help prep the ground before your pool goes into it. It is important for the ground to be done right, otherwise you could end up with cracks in your pool. Excavation is needed for all in ground pools and it is the foundation work for your pool.

The Process

The first thing that needs to be done is preparing the layout. You and your contractor will go over how big the pool is, where you want it, and more. The contractor will look around at the yard and judge the ground. This lets him know how to prepare for the job ahead.

Next, he will then begin marking the lines where he will be digging. You will often see white paint lines throughout your yard marking where the digging will occur. These lines help remind him where he needs to excavate. After the lines are down, excavation can begin. You will notice that your contractor begins removing dirt from the ground.

As the excavation continues, you will notice that the area of the ground that is dug out is different in all places. This is because the deep end of the pool needs more dirt dug out than the shallow end of the pool.

Once all of the dirt has been removed from the ground, the rest of the work must be done by hand. This includes getting those fine lines dug out and rounding off any edges to ensure that the pool will have the perfect fit.

Once everything is ready, the pool will be placed into the hole and the contractor will fill any open areas with dirt that was excavated.

The process requires time and dedication to get it done. All of the holes need to be the perfect size and the excavation company must pay attention to what they are doing so that your pool fits properly and does not become damaged.

Contact an Excavation Company Today

If you are looking to have a pool put in your yard for the summer, hire Real Tree, Inc. to help you get your ground ready.

10 Apr Posted by in Blog, Land Clearing | Comments Off on 5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get Land Clearing Help

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get Land Clearing Help

Trees to be SavedThe process of clearing trees, shrubs and other types of vegetation from land may seem straightforward at first, but the fact is that this can be a grueling and intense process that must be completed with care. If you are thinking about starting a home improvement or new construction project in your space, you may be wondering if you need professional land clearing services. Here are five signs that may indicate that it is time to schedule professional service.

1. Utilities Are Nearby.

When you need to clear away trees or other types of vegetation, spend time reviewing the land. When overhead power lines are present, they can be damaged if limbs fall on them. If tree roots have grown around gas lines or other utilities in the ground, these can also be damaged during the clearing process.

2. Structures Are Close to the Area.

Likewise, buildings or other structures that are located close to the area that needs to be cleared may also be damaged if branches fall onto them during the clearing process. Special steps may need to be taken to ensure that the branches are removed with care.

3. Vegetation is Older or Established.

When vegetation is older or established, the roots may be deep or difficult to remove. Special techniques may need to be employed to ensure that the tree is killed and the root does not generate new growth.

4. The Area That Needs to Be Cleared Is Extensive.

Clearing away one tree can be a time-consuming and even dangerous project, but this effort is complicated when you have a considerable amount of space that needs to be cleared. Whether you have a small lot with many trees or a large lot with trees and shrubs, professional services may be beneficial.

5. You Don’t Have the Proper Equipment.

The proper equipment may also need to be used for fast, safe land-clearing. In some cases, crews will need to get into the trees to remove limbs before felling trees. Additional equipment may need to be used to clear away the roots.

When you need to clear land, you may be wondering if this is a project you want to tackle on your own. The fact is that land clearing can be challenging for many reasons, and there are benefits associated with contracting the services of a professional team for this type of project.

03 Apr Posted by in Blog, Excavation, Land Clearing | Comments Off on What the Heck Is Land Excavation?

What the Heck Is Land Excavation?

land gradingWhen you buy land, it must be excavated to make it more functional and appropriate for your uses. Roads are necessary for bringing in equipment, and you may need larger spaces cleared for building structures or engaging in other activities. Here is what you should know about land clearing if you’re considering investing in unimproved lots.

Removal of Debris

Brush, stones, trees, stumps and other obstacles crowd the land and make even level areas unusable. With land clearing, all of the debris is removed to open up space and make the land ready for construction or other development. The lumber can be dried and used as firewood for your own use, or you can sell the lumber to help offset expenses. Rocks can sometimes be sold, and other debris will have to be disposed of by the clearing company or in another area of the property.

Excavation and Heavy Digging

After the land is cleared, it may need to be excavated. Professionals use heavy equipment to excavate basements, crawlspaces and foundations for slabs. Excavation is necessary for any structure that will require footers. Land can be excavated on almost any level ranging from a small home to a massive skyscraper. Professional companies can haul away the dirt that is dug out. If you’re doing a smaller excavation project on your own, such as for a pool, then you might be able to offer the fill dirt to people who are trying to fill in old ponds or level out their yards.

Before deciding if you will handle the excavation and clearing on your own, consider the time involved and the disposal challenges. Part of the fee for professionals includes the cost of disposal. Experienced companies also have heavy equipment that makes the process faster and safer. If you’re going to attempt to do this work on your own, consider renting equipment, and make arrangements for disposal ahead of time to avoid complications.

20 Mar Posted by in Land Clearing | Comments Off on 7 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Land Clearing

7 Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Land Clearing

When it comes to clearing land, there are several different factors to consider before starting the project. These factors are frequently asked questions regarding the subject.

Land Clearing

What Is The Best Land Clearing Method?

Personal preference has a lot to do with the best method of land clearing. ‘Pile and burn’ land clearing is a more traditional way of land clearing while mulch clearing is a more up to date process that is extremely environmentally friendly. Land development burning is a relatively easy process for clearing the land as well, and selective clearing allows owners to be selective in the clearing process.

What Is Mulch Clearing?

Mulch clearing is a relatively new process of land clearing that is less damaging to the land. Mulch clearing helps avoid issues with land erosion that are commonly associated with other types of land clearing.

Is There A Burning Option For Clearing Land?

There is an option of burning to clear land. This type of burning is called land development burning. Land development burning is a structured, contained fire to rid land of vegetation.

What Is Allowed To Be Burned When Using Land Development Burning?

The only content allowed to be burned using land development burning is vegetation that has grown on the land.

What Is The Process Called Selective Clearing?

Selective clearing is a land clearing process that allows the owner of the property to determine what types of trees are cleared and what types of trees are not cleared. This makes developing land much easier in the case that the owner wants some trees left on the property.

What Is The Pile And Leave Process?

Pile and leave is the process of clearing the land, pushing the debris into a pile, and leaving it on the land. The pile does save some habitat for wildlife, however, the pile is an eyesore for landowners.

Does Land Clearing Require Permits?

In some cases land clearing does require permits. The types of permits can vary by the allowance to actually clear the land all the way to the meth.

18 Feb Posted by in Blog, Excavation, Land Clearing | Comments Off on What You Need to Know About Land Excavation

What You Need to Know About Land Excavation

Land ExcavationLand excavation is used for a variety of applications on a residential, commercial and industrial scale. Homes may need excavations for a brand new in ground swimming pool project. The ground has to physically be removed to create a space deep enough to accommodate the basin of the pool. Similarly, a residential property needs a land excavation to install a septic tank system that needs to be completely underground. Residential land excavations require the proper permits from the local departments of zoning in a given community. Homeowners can’t just start digging through their land without having the permission of the town or city.

On a much larger scale, land excavations are done to install essential infrastructure such as water and gas supply lines. There is a tremendous network of pipes underneath every residential street. The installations are carefully mapped out so that future excavations can easily locate the pipes. In fact, striking buried pipes is a major risk of any land excavation project. Gas lines that are accidentally hit may burst and cause a tremendous accumulation of explosive content in the ground.

This can lead to significant explosions that can blow away entire homes and buildings. Therefore, only qualified excavating professionals that have the right equipment can dig out the ground to prevent explosions. Similarly, there is a risk of hitting water main lines when excavating the ground. Such accidents can cause major leaks that spread onto the local roads and cause traffic delays and other problems such as minor flooding.

An excavator is the most common type of vehicle that is used for excavation projects on construction sites, local roads and residential properties. An excavator tractor is a smaller type of vehicle that can be used for minor projects that require removing dirt and other material from the ground.

30 Jan Posted by in Blog, Land Clearing | Comments Off on Clearing Land for Your New Home: 3 Tips

Clearing Land for Your New Home: 3 Tips

Land clearingIf you have recently purchased a property and want to build a home on it, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is to have land clearing done by the experts. This ensures that you have more than enough room so that the home can be built with ease. You will find that clearing your land is the most important part of building a home on a piece of property. There are three main tips you need to take into consideration when you need to get this type of work done.

The first tip is that you should hire the experts to clear the land for you. The truth of the matter is that land clearing can be difficult if it is not done correctly and if there are a lot of trees that need to be cleared. The experts will be able to get this type of work done for you in a timely fashion.

The next tip is that you should be aware of what is on the property. Large boulders that go very deep into the ground may take more time to clear than anything else. Knowing the property and what debris and obstacles are on it will help you to have it cleared more easily.

The third and final tip for land clearing is that you want to ensure that enough of the land is cleared to make room for the home. Be sure to have a blueprint of what you need so that you know how large the home is going to be and how many acres of land need to be cleared. You can choose to clear the entire land of trees or work around it by knowing exactly how much space you are going to need in order to have the home built.

02 Jan Posted by in Blog, Excavation, Land Clearing | Comments Off on How to Grade and Level Your Soil

How to Grade and Level Your Soil

grading soilGrading landscape can often be a harrowing task, but it doesn’t have to be!

In order to level your property, begin by breaking up the topsoil so that it becomes loose and easy to work with. After loosening the soil, take a landscaping rake and roughly level the soil with the rake to produce the desired effect.

Once you have the soil roughly level, take a two by four and lay it down on the edge of the area which you are leveling. The two by four is used similarly to a screed in cement work. Proceed to drag the two by four across the area you are leveling. This final leveling ensures that the area is absolutely board flat. Any low levels can be seen as the two by four is dragged along the property, and should be filled in accordingly. Any high levels will cause the board to become raised, although if the soil was properly loosened, the two by four will simply push the earth forward, allowing for a flat surface. Soil from the high levels can be used to fill in any ditches you might find.

If you plan to lay sod on the landscaping, or your intention is a perfectly flat area, use a level to ensure that no slope exists. If, however, you are grading the landscape to prevent water runoff from damaging your home or shed, the gradient should be set at about one inch per foot so that the water rolls away from the building.

21 Nov Posted by in Blog, Land Clearing | Comments Off on Proper Land Drainage is Important

Proper Land Drainage is Important

land drainageThose that own a home know the importance of upkeep, maintenance and even insurance in order to protect the home and keep it in good shape. However, a common issue that is often overlooked is land drainage. Improper drainage cannot only be a hassle to the homeowner, but it can also cause some very costly problems if not dealt with promptly.

Foundation Damages

What many homeowners are often unaware of is that improper drainage can damage the structures of the home, namely the foundation. As water pools underneath this type of surface it can cause shifting and cracks, which can lead to costly repairs. It is often much more affordable to correct a land drainage problem before structural damages occur.

Flooded Basements

The homeowner that cannot figure out why his basement continues to flood may very well have a land drainage issue. As a matter of fact, one of the most common causes of this particular problem is due to inadequate draining. Without addressing the problem, the basement will continue to flood, irregardless of the efforts of the homeowner.

Dangerous Conditions

Personal safety is also another important consideration. When water pools in a specific area, this can be potentially dangerous, especially during the winter months. Not only can this lead to burst pipes but slips and trips as conditions become icy.

Other Important Considerations

These are just a few of the problems that can be caused by improper land drainage. Contrary to popular belief, these things typically are not minor cosmetic issues. Some homeowners may neglect to have the land properly drained or put it off as an unnecessary expense that can wait. However, this can lead to spending substantially more in the future.