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19 Mar Posted by in Tree Removal | Comments Off on Removing and thinning trees in Melbourne Florida

Removing and thinning trees in Melbourne Florida

powerlinesTrees are a truly valuable asset on your property. The trees themselves may add financial value to your home, and they also provide you with curb appeal, shade, energy efficiency benefits inside the home and more. As a homeowner, you want to take excellent care of your trees. Most of the year, you may have to take minimal effort to maintain your trees, and they will typically thrive well on their own. However, from time to time, you will need professional arborist and tree removal services to keep your trees in great shape. These services may be used for healthy trees as well as for trees that are showing signs of distress.

Trees may typically thrive, but periodically, part or all a tree may become damaged or diseased. You may notice the leaves turning brown or falling off on part of the tree. The bark may be flaking, or there may be other signs of distress. In situations such as these, tree removal is necessary to protect your property and to save the tree, if possible. For example, tree removal services can be used to remove the dead or diseased part of the tree so that the issue does not spread. Keep in mind that diseased and damaged limbs may fall own to cause personal injury or property damage.

Keep in mind that even healthy trees may require professional services. Tree thinning, for example, can help to keep the trees healthy and can prevent issues related to breakage of limbs during high winds and strong storms. The spring months can be a time of particularly strong winds, and this is a time of year when tree damage is most common. An arborist can inspect your trees to determine if tree thinning is needed or if part of your trees is diseased or damaged. By setting up an appointment with an arborist today, you are taking a great step

18 Dec Posted by in Blog, Grading, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Walk This Way!

Walk This Way!

walkwayAny time of year can be dangerous when it comes to walkways, and it’s not just commercial walkway safety that we’re talking about. Residential walkway safety is equally important, because if your walkway isn’t properly cared for, you or others may get injured. From snow to tree roots that can cause upheavals of your walkway, you should keep things clear.

For Commercial Business Owners

The best way to take care of your walkway is by contacting a reputable service. For those who are in business, you want to protect your customers and employees from suffering injury due to a hazardous walkway. Using a good commercial land clearing company will keep you from having to settle disputes from those who use your walkways. A commercial land clearing company offers services like:

• Snow removal
• Tree root removal
• Snow plowing
• Salting
• Commercial land clearing
• Timber management

For Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner, the dangers are just as imminent. Anyone who’s visiting can slip, trip or fall when your walkway isn’t properly cared for. Not only does an unclear walkway put yourself, your family and your friends at risk, it also can cause injury to those who happen to be walking along your street. Rather than take unnecessary risks, you can get in touch with a residential land clearing company and make sure that your walkways are safe for everyone who uses them. This kind of company may offer the following:

• Tree root removal
• Sidewalk shoveling
• Storm damage cleanup
• Tree removal
• Tree stump removal

Just remember the words from this song when you’re trying to decide whether you should contact a land clearing company: Walk this way!

06 Nov Posted by in Tree Removal | Comments Off on Shrub and Tree Trimming Time

Shrub and Tree Trimming Time

shrub trimmingFall is here, and it’s the perfect time to do your land clearing chores. For homes and businesses, that means raking leaves, and trimming shrubs and trees. A little bit of elbow grease is required for fall maintenance, and some may be tempted to put off these chores until next year, but that’s not recommended. Here are some reasons why.

It Just Looks Better

Overgrown shrubs and trees look uncared for, and they suggest to onlookers that you don’t have much pride in the way your home or business looks. Some communities are particularly vigilant about the way their homes look, and will fine homeowners for shrubs that grow over a certain length, or grass that has grown too long. Poorly tended lots bring home values down.

Businesses, especially, will want to take care of their outside presentation to prepare for the upcoming Christmas season. The businesses that are frequented more often during the holidays are those that have an inviting appeal to customers. Commercial land clearing is a part of the big picture of effective marketing to customers.

It’s Healthier For Shrubs And Trees

We should all be concerned about keeping green things alive. Shrubs and trees bring us beauty, help to keep the air clean, block out noises, and even give us food to eat, so we need to take care of them properly. Shrubs and trees, especially fruit trees, need to be pruned regularly in order for them to thrive.

These towers of beauty that we rely upon so much can become subject to the ravages of insects and diseases, if they are allowed to become leggy and overgrown. Shrub trimming and tree trimming helps to avoid that, and keeps these large living plants strong.

Fall Cleanup Can Be Free

Many cities help homeowners with residential land clearing, by having a Fall Cleanup Day. On that day, once a year, yard waste from shrub and tree trimming will be picked up free of charge. Usually, there are community rules about where the branches can be placed for pickup, as well as how long the branches can be. Consult your community website for more information.

Spend the time and energy to take care of your shrubs and trees, and they will take care of you for years to come.

14 Aug Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on The Importance of Keeping Tree Limbs Away From Electrical Lines

The Importance of Keeping Tree Limbs Away From Electrical Lines


Have you ever noticed how many tree limbs hang over electrical lines? This is a dangerous sight to behold. Tree limbs are a major cause of power outages during wind and rainstorms. More than 25 percent of all outages are due to downed tree limbs on electrical lines.

Proper tree maintenance can take to make sure that this does not happen. Most all areas have companies to take care of this problem for you. However, they just cannot see all the potential issues at once. This is where the average person can help improve the situation. If you see a tree limb that is hanging down over electrical lines, you should call your local tree cutting services. Even if you are not from the area, it is important that you inform someone.

When tree limbs go down after a wind or rainstorm, the limb can knock down live power lines. This is especially dangerous if a car is driving by at that time. The people in the vehicle could be electrocuted if they step out of their car with the downed live wire lying on a wet road. Downed power lines can also create a massive spark that could start a fire. To avoid problems, you should execute proper lawn maintenance and observe your tree limbs near power lines.

Taking proper precautions is important and it can save lives. With the continuous miles of electrical lines throughout the country, there are many possible areas that need tree maintenance at any given moment. Tree limbs that hang over power lines, no matter how high, need to be cut down. This job is not meant for the average person and should be left to the local tree cutting services. A person’s lawn maintenance should never include the task of trimming tree limbs

12 Jun Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Are Your Trees Ready for Hurricane Season?

Are Your Trees Ready for Hurricane Season?

treesblowingHurricane season is right around the corner and as we enter the beginning of it, it is important for you to prepare your trees and yard to endure the high rate of winds. Even though a lot of damage occurs from wind speeds, some damage occurs to homes due to property flying around and trees falling down. To prevent this from happening, it is important to be hurricane ready.

Preparing Your Trees

When you begin to prepare for a hurricane, visit your yard and remove all of the obvious things that will catch in the wind and cause damage to your home. If you have hanging plants, take them down and bring them into your home to avoid them falling or crashing into your home. You should also lie any potted plants on their side, given they are too big to bring into your home.

Go out to your trees and begin by removing any vines that are around the tree. Vines can cause pressure and stress on the tree which will eventually lead to a tree losing branches. You should also remove any loose branches and thin branches from the tree. These can break off during a hurricane and become dangerous weapons.

Once the smaller and thinner branches are removed, trim your tree and provide more room throughout the canopy of the tree. By thinning out the leaves and foliage, you will be allowing air to blow more freely through the tree and prevent the wind from grabbing the tree during a large gust.

Your bushes should also be trimmed and you should remove any weak branches from them as well. Prune them to make them roomier for air to flow through, just like your tree.

If you have smaller trees or freshly planted trees, consider using stakes to hold them in place. If you do not, they may become uprooted and cause problems or die from breaking.

If you notice that your tree is not stable or it is suffering from root rot, you may need to consider having a tree company come out and trim the tree down or remove it from the ground. A tree that is not rooted well or suffering from disease can topple onto your home, if the conditions are right.

Your Overall Yard Maintenance

It is important to monitor your yard during a storm and prepare as much as you can before the storm comes. When planting trees and plants in your yard, choose ones that are sturdy and do not place them too close to your home in case they ever do topple over.

You should call a professional company to come out to your home and cut the tree branches away from any wires that they may be touching. If the branches become entangled with the wire during a storm, you may lose electricity quicker than you planned.

Removal of debris, yard maintenance, tree pruning, and plant preparation are all ways that you can better prepare your yard to handle a hurricane this season.

01 May Posted by in Tree Removal | Comments Off on Three Reasons To Use A Professional Tree Removal Service

Three Reasons To Use A Professional Tree Removal Service

tree-stumpDo you need to remove dead or damaged trees from your property? Don’t try to do it yourself. You could be putting yourself, your home and family and your wallet in jeopardy.

Less Risk Of Damage To Your House Or Personal Property

Felling a tree involves a lot more than simply cutting or chopping the base until it falls. The wind, lean of the tree and surrounding buildings must all be taken into consideration before making the first cut. Failure to account for all three can send the tree into your house or garage, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Professional tree removers are experienced and will thoroughly assess the tree and all the possible variables before making the first cut.

Personal Safety

Professional tree trimmers and removers have the proper safety equipment to climb trees and the tools to safely cut down the tree, and many tree trimmers do not start at the base. Instead, they climb the tree using ropes, pulleys and ladders or bucket lifts and start removing large branches from the tree first. Once most of the branches have been felled, they start cutting the tree from the top down.

A homeowner does not have the proper safety equipment or knowledge to climb a tree and start cutting branches with a chainsaw, which could lead to falls, severe injuries and/or death.


Hiring a professional tree removal service is cheaper than buying all the saws, axes, ladders and safety equipment you’d need to chop down the dead tree, and that doesn’t include removal and disposal of the branches and trunk pieces. Hiring a professional guarantees that the tree will be cut down and chipped into mulch onsite or removed from your property for less than the cost of buying your own equipment.


24 Apr Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on 5 Situations When You’ll Need to Know About Tree Removal

5 Situations When You’ll Need to Know About Tree Removal

Tree RemovalFor homeowners with a large outdoor living space, tree removal may be necessary from time to time. Hiring a professional tree service offers homeowners peace of mind knowing that the job will be handled safely and that property damage won’t be an issue. There are at least 5 situations where a tree removal service should be contracted.

1. Storm Damage

Tree damage resulting from severe weather is not uncommon. Trees surrounding the home may lose limbs or be completely uprooted. This type of damage creates hazardous conditions, and the necessary work should only be performed by a tree removal service.

2. Tree Health And Disease

When mature trees are victim of disease, or they have died and become unsafe, a professional tree removal service will be necessary. Trees that appear healthy on the outside may have rotted in the inside, and will pose a danger to homeowners without tree removal experience.

3. Site Work

For those homeowners who are planning an addition or extensive landscaping project, professional tree removal may be necessary to eliminate trees that are too close to a proposed addition, or don’t fit well into future landscaping plans.

4. Underground Utilities

Sewer lines, water lines, and underground electric service may be compromised and overcome by the root systems from surrounding trees. As these trees become more mature the danger may increase, and damage to underground utilities will prove to be an expensive repair. A tree removal service will eliminate trees that pose potential problems.

5. General Tree Removal

Whether it’s creating a view or allowing additional sunlight into the yard area, general tree removal should be handled by a professional. When the goal is to improve the landscape, a tree removal service can also handle stump removal which will help to beautify the yard.

Hiring a professional tree removal service is the best possible way to avoid unfortunate injuries and to ensure a job well done.

27 Mar Posted by in Tree Removal | Comments Off on How to Solve Issues with Tree Removal

How to Solve Issues with Tree Removal

Tree RemovalWhen a tree has to be removed from your property, there is bound to be issues that crop up and make your life more difficult. However, if you are prepared, you’ll be able to take on any troubles that come your way.

Make it Manageable

Whether a tree has fallen or you have brought it down yourself, take a big problem and break it into little pieces. Cut the limbs and trunk into smaller chunks that will be easier to cart out. Make sure you have plenty of help and try not to hurt yourself.

Know What You’re Doing

If you are taking a tree down, be sure you know what you are doing. Give yourself plenty of space, have an understanding of which way the tree should fall, and cut it in the proper place. If you don’t have the equipment or the know-how, hire a professional tree removal service.

Get Rid of Your Stump

You won’t want to leave a stump behind. You can rent a stump grinder or use a backhoe to pull your stump out. You’ll want to fill in the hole with soil when you are done and seed the area to promote grass growth.

Consider Renting a Chipper

You can send your tree through a chipper, rather than lug it away. Your chips can then be used as mulch to be placed around your landscaping trees, shrubs, pathway, and garden to keep back the weeds.

Advertise that You Have Wood Available

You can spare yourself the trouble of getting rid of the wood when you advertise. You’re sure to find someone who can use the wood from your yard.

Turn to the Professionals

Get rid of all of your headaches by calling in the experts!

27 Feb Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Trimming Trees: Give Your Home Curb Appeal

Trimming Trees: Give Your Home Curb Appeal

landscapingHomeowners naturally want to be able to take great pride in their homes, and upkeep is essential if you want everything to be in excellent condition. You should remember to keep your lawn in mind when you are working on your home. It is the first thing people see when they visit, and practicing proper tree trimming can go a long way towards beautifying your space and creating great curb appeal.

Creative Landscaping

Many people overlook their trees as a source of specialized landscaping. While it is generally fine to let trees grow on their own, you may also consider trimming them in a way that will encourage them to develop in a different shape or direction. By doing this, your trees can be sculpted to better suit your landscaping tastes.

Thinner is Sometimes Better

Those homeowners with many trees on a small lawn may wish to consider thinning out their branches. This will allow you to keep all your trees while allowing much more light onto your property. Thinning the trees out a bit will also give the appearance that your lawn is larger than it actually is.

More Fruit and Flowers

Those who have populated their lawns with fruit trees and flowering trees can help them be even better. Proper trimming of these types of trees will encourage healthy growth that will result in more attractive flowers and a healthy abundance of fruit.

Remove Unhealthy Branches

Inspect your trees regularly for signs of disease, breakage or injury. It is important for cosmetic and safety reasons that you remove any branches that are not thriving. One diseased branch left on your tree could ultimately kill your entire tree.

These are just a few tips to help you have the most attractive lawn with the best trees in the entire neighborhood. Take good care of your surroundings, and you can expect to have a wonderful place to call home for many years to come.

06 Feb Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Trimming Trees in Winter: Good Idea?

Trimming Trees in Winter: Good Idea?

trimming treesPruning trees help keep them healthy and help ward off insects and diseases. It will also help increase their production of flowers and fruit during the growing season. There some pros and cons to winter tree trimming.

Pruning in the winter gives trees extra energy reserves and roots that will support lush new growth in the spring. During the spring and summer months, trees are using energy to grow. When pruned in the winter while the tree is dormant, most of its energy can be directed to healing the cut that is made when pruning. In addition, insects and diseases that can invade trees through the wound left from tree trimming are not as likely to gain entrance cause harm during the cold season. Another advantage to pruning in the winter is that the limbs are easier to see and get to without the leaves on the tree.

Trees that ooze sap in the winter are not good candidates for winter pruning because of the sticky mess it will create on your hands and clothes. Another good reason is that sap will run down the tree and make it look unsightly. Some of those types of trees include Maple, Birch, Dogwood, Walnut and Elm. Pruning them in the winter will not result in lasting harm to the tree and the wound should heal in the spring.

Some trees should never be pruned in the winter. For example, pruning early blooming trees will actually reduce the number of blooms that appear in the spring. Those types of trees include magnolia, lilacs and flowering plum. Tree trimming should take place immediately after they bloom in the spring.