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19 Mar Posted by in Tree Removal | Comments Off on Removing and thinning trees in Melbourne Florida

Removing and thinning trees in Melbourne Florida

powerlinesTrees are a truly valuable asset on your property. The trees themselves may add financial value to your home, and they also provide you with curb appeal, shade, energy efficiency benefits inside the home and more. As a homeowner, you want to take excellent care of your trees. Most of the year, you may have to take minimal effort to maintain your trees, and they will typically thrive well on their own. However, from time to time, you will need professional arborist and tree removal services to keep your trees in great shape. These services may be used for healthy trees as well as for trees that are showing signs of distress.

Trees may typically thrive, but periodically, part or all a tree may become damaged or diseased. You may notice the leaves turning brown or falling off on part of the tree. The bark may be flaking, or there may be other signs of distress. In situations such as these, tree removal is necessary to protect your property and to save the tree, if possible. For example, tree removal services can be used to remove the dead or diseased part of the tree so that the issue does not spread. Keep in mind that diseased and damaged limbs may fall own to cause personal injury or property damage.

Keep in mind that even healthy trees may require professional services. Tree thinning, for example, can help to keep the trees healthy and can prevent issues related to breakage of limbs during high winds and strong storms. The spring months can be a time of particularly strong winds, and this is a time of year when tree damage is most common. An arborist can inspect your trees to determine if tree thinning is needed or if part of your trees is diseased or damaged. By setting up an appointment with an arborist today, you are taking a great step

18 Dec Posted by in Blog, Grading, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Walk This Way!

Walk This Way!

walkwayAny time of year can be dangerous when it comes to walkways, and it’s not just commercial walkway safety that we’re talking about. Residential walkway safety is equally important, because if your walkway isn’t properly cared for, you or others may get injured. From snow to tree roots that can cause upheavals of your walkway, you should keep things clear.

For Commercial Business Owners

The best way to take care of your walkway is by contacting a reputable service. For those who are in business, you want to protect your customers and employees from suffering injury due to a hazardous walkway. Using a good commercial land clearing company will keep you from having to settle disputes from those who use your walkways. A commercial land clearing company offers services like:

• Snow removal
• Tree root removal
• Snow plowing
• Salting
• Commercial land clearing
• Timber management

For Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner, the dangers are just as imminent. Anyone who’s visiting can slip, trip or fall when your walkway isn’t properly cared for. Not only does an unclear walkway put yourself, your family and your friends at risk, it also can cause injury to those who happen to be walking along your street. Rather than take unnecessary risks, you can get in touch with a residential land clearing company and make sure that your walkways are safe for everyone who uses them. This kind of company may offer the following:

• Tree root removal
• Sidewalk shoveling
• Storm damage cleanup
• Tree removal
• Tree stump removal

Just remember the words from this song when you’re trying to decide whether you should contact a land clearing company: Walk this way!

20 Nov Posted by in Blog, Land Clearing | Comments Off on Clearing Wooded Property

Clearing Wooded Property

forestWhen you are making the decision to begin clearing land for another purpose, you can choose to rent equipment and attempt to do it yourself to try save some money or you can hire a professional service to clear it for you and ultimately save headaches, time and sometimes money as well.

Before getting started with your project, you may want to gather estimates from various companies as well as suggestions on how to get your project done in the most efficient way possible. When considering what type of professional to call to complete your project, you will need to evaluate the state of the land you want cleared. If the land is mostly brush, young trees and stumps, a land clearing service can come and remove all the growth, utilize a wood chipper or shredder for the removed brush, and even level the property.

If your land consists of more tightly grown mature trees, a tree clearing service is what you will need to hire. In this case, it may be advantageous to contact a local lumber mill that would be interested in sending out a lumber broker to look at the trees on your lot. If there are trees that would be valuable, they may be willing to purchase the lumber that will be cleared from your property. This will not only remove the lumber from your property, but it will offer a little bit of financial relief on your wallet.

If your property contains an unwanted structure or building, a demolition service could easily remove the structures in addition to any trees and brush. Hiring professionals for clearing land is much safer than trying to do it yourself. They will skillfully use the equipment in the most precise, careful way to ensure the safety of their laborers as well as the safety of your property.

24 Apr Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on 5 Situations When You’ll Need to Know About Tree Removal

5 Situations When You’ll Need to Know About Tree Removal

Tree RemovalFor homeowners with a large outdoor living space, tree removal may be necessary from time to time. Hiring a professional tree service offers homeowners peace of mind knowing that the job will be handled safely and that property damage won’t be an issue. There are at least 5 situations where a tree removal service should be contracted.

1. Storm Damage

Tree damage resulting from severe weather is not uncommon. Trees surrounding the home may lose limbs or be completely uprooted. This type of damage creates hazardous conditions, and the necessary work should only be performed by a tree removal service.

2. Tree Health And Disease

When mature trees are victim of disease, or they have died and become unsafe, a professional tree removal service will be necessary. Trees that appear healthy on the outside may have rotted in the inside, and will pose a danger to homeowners without tree removal experience.

3. Site Work

For those homeowners who are planning an addition or extensive landscaping project, professional tree removal may be necessary to eliminate trees that are too close to a proposed addition, or don’t fit well into future landscaping plans.

4. Underground Utilities

Sewer lines, water lines, and underground electric service may be compromised and overcome by the root systems from surrounding trees. As these trees become more mature the danger may increase, and damage to underground utilities will prove to be an expensive repair. A tree removal service will eliminate trees that pose potential problems.

5. General Tree Removal

Whether it’s creating a view or allowing additional sunlight into the yard area, general tree removal should be handled by a professional. When the goal is to improve the landscape, a tree removal service can also handle stump removal which will help to beautify the yard.

Hiring a professional tree removal service is the best possible way to avoid unfortunate injuries and to ensure a job well done.

27 Mar Posted by in Tree Removal | Comments Off on How to Solve Issues with Tree Removal

How to Solve Issues with Tree Removal

Tree RemovalWhen a tree has to be removed from your property, there is bound to be issues that crop up and make your life more difficult. However, if you are prepared, you’ll be able to take on any troubles that come your way.

Make it Manageable

Whether a tree has fallen or you have brought it down yourself, take a big problem and break it into little pieces. Cut the limbs and trunk into smaller chunks that will be easier to cart out. Make sure you have plenty of help and try not to hurt yourself.

Know What You’re Doing

If you are taking a tree down, be sure you know what you are doing. Give yourself plenty of space, have an understanding of which way the tree should fall, and cut it in the proper place. If you don’t have the equipment or the know-how, hire a professional tree removal service.

Get Rid of Your Stump

You won’t want to leave a stump behind. You can rent a stump grinder or use a backhoe to pull your stump out. You’ll want to fill in the hole with soil when you are done and seed the area to promote grass growth.

Consider Renting a Chipper

You can send your tree through a chipper, rather than lug it away. Your chips can then be used as mulch to be placed around your landscaping trees, shrubs, pathway, and garden to keep back the weeds.

Advertise that You Have Wood Available

You can spare yourself the trouble of getting rid of the wood when you advertise. You’re sure to find someone who can use the wood from your yard.

Turn to the Professionals

Get rid of all of your headaches by calling in the experts!

27 Dec Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Tree

Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Tree

tree removalTrees are great for the environment, provide shade, and are crucial for wildlife. However, there are times when a tree must go. There are several reasons why a person may want to remove a tree from their property. Maybe the tree is diseased or damaged and poses a risk. The tree could be in the way or simply be a nuisance. Below are the top five reasons to remove a tree.

Tree is Diseased or Decaying

A dead or diseased tree with no way of treating it becomes weak and unstable and should be removed as soon as possible. Decay worsens as time goes on, so the tree will only become more unstable.

Tree is Damaged

Windstorms, lightning, or other acts of nature can damage a tree, beyond repair, causing a need for the tree to be removed. This is important if it is close to power lines, a building, or a roadway.

Tree is Causing Structural Damage

As trees grow, they can cause concrete to buckle, damage their surroundings, and can even harm buildings when they grow too close.

The Tree is in the Way

The tree may need to go to make room for construction or for aesthetics. Overtime a cute, little tree can become quite large and it can obscure views or block out sunlight.


A tree that is damaged or decaying could fall, causing someone to get hurt or damage someone else’s property. A damaged tree could fall without warning and be a risk. It is also problematic if it is near power lines or the road, where it could be traffic hazard if it leans for falls over. To avoid liability it is best to remove potential hazards.

So, there may become a time for one to seriously consider tree removal. Whatever the reason, one should hire a professional that is experienced with tree removal. If attempts are made to remove a tree by someone inexperienced, property damage or injuries could occur.

28 Nov Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Tree Removal And Why It Is Important

Tree Removal And Why It Is Important

Trees to be SavedTrees are an important part of any property. They offer beauty, protection from weather and can increase value. The time may come when a tree needs to be removed, and there are several aspects to consider before doing so.


This is the most common reason for tree removal. If the tree has fungus growing on the trunk, has had at least 50 percent of its root system damaged, is leaning significantly or has no room for further growth, it should be removed by a professional. Environment is also a large consideration. If the tree is growing near water or a ledge, it will have a shallow root system. This type of tree will be severely impacted by any changes surrounding it, especially new construction.

Species of Tree

Several species of trees are undesirable due to their impact on the immediate environment, which can include causing damage or attracting pests. Damage problems include root systems that ruin lawns or crack sidewalks. Some drop a lot of leaves and debris that cause headaches for everyone, or reseed themselves at a high rate. Some tree species are attractive to pests and diseases. Trees that should be removed include poplar, mulberry, box elder and willow.

Other Considerations

Trees can cause other, less obvious problems, such as blocking a signal or impeding the flow of traffic, slowing the growth of other nearby trees or being too close to a home. All of these scenarios should be consideration for removal. In some cases, a large and very old tree may have historic value and more effort should be put into saving it, unless it is very sick or causing damage by dropping large branches or having an invasive root system.

Anyone who is considering tree removal should always consult with a professional service before taking any action.





31 Oct Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Tree Stumps: Remove or Kill

Tree Stumps: Remove or Kill

tree-stumpAfter removing a tree from your property, you are often left with a tree stump in your yard. Although some homeowners although the stump to rot and disintegrate naturally, there are a number of ways to hasten the tree stump removal process.

Hand Digging

The first method for removing a tree stump from your property is to dig the stump and top roots out by hand. Begin by shoveling the dirt away from the top of the stump. Then use an ax or saw to cut the stump below the surface of the ground. Once you remove the stump, cover the remaining stump with dirt to fill in the hole. Hand digging works best for smaller trees

Stump Grinding

For larger trees, using a stump grinder is the easiest way to remove stumps from your property. A stump grinder is a machine that grinds the stump and roots up between six to twelve inches below ground level. Once the stump is completely ground up, cover up any hole or divot with soil. Stump grinders are available to rent, or you can hire a tree company to do the work for you.


For a less labor intense tree stump removal, you can buy chemicals that hasten the decomposition of the stump at a number of home and garden retailers. Simply drill some holes into the stump, and pour the chemicals into the holes. The chemicals speed of the natural decay process of the stump. However, do not expect the tree stump to disappear overnight. Using chemicals to remove a stump from your property still takes time.


Finally, another tried and true tree stump removal method is burning down the stump. Use the fire method only if the stump is away from buildings, plants, and other structures on your property. Many homeowners create burn piles on top of old stumps. Over time, the fire burns the stump down into a pile of charcoal that can easily be dug up or buried with extra soil.

22 Aug Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Professionals Only! Trimming Trees Near Power Lines!

Professionals Only! Trimming Trees Near Power Lines!

tree trimming power linesMany people are often tempted to handle all of their home and property maintenance. It can seem like a great way to save money and keep yourself busy and involved in your home. That said, there are certain tasks that are best left to the professionals. You might be able to handle most of your smaller tree trimming, but once they get larger or power lines get involved, chances are that you are best off contacting people who have been trained to handle the job.

There are a lot of power line dangers that a person can come up against if they decide to attempt to do their own trimming. Obviously, the person would put themselves at considerable risk, but they also put their nearby neighbors at risk. Wires can spark if cut and cause fires to break out. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to minimize the the potential damages to your neighborhood. Of course, there are also functionality concerns to address.

If you should accidentally cut a wire in the process of trimming your trees, you risk cutting the cable, electric, internet, or phone wires for your neighborhood. As you can probably imagine, this would not be a great way to gain favor with your neighbors. It’s also worth considering that you probably won’t be able to trim your trees in a way that is as aesthetically pleasing as what trained professionals could provide. So, when it comes to trimming tall trees, and especially those that are near wires and power lines, it really is a “professionals needed” type of job.

It doesn’t make you any less skilled or knowledgeable in your ability to maintain your house. It simply shows that you understand the associated risks and have decided that enlisting professional help will likely produce the best results.


23 May Posted by in Blog, Tree Removal | Comments Off on Gaging Costs For Tree Removal

Gaging Costs For Tree Removal

Tree RemovalIt’s possible to ballpark tree removal costs. Just bear in mind that costs vary by a contractor’s overhead, experience, and location. Following are factors tree removal professionals consider when gauging costs.

When figuring price, consider the tree size.

  • Small trees less than 25 feet tall and up to a foot in diameter may cost $8 per linear foot.
  • Medium trees up to 50 feet tall and up to two feet in diameter may cost $9 to $10 per linear foot.
  • Large trees up to 100 feet tall and up to four feet in diameter may cost $10 to $11 per linear foot or considerably more.

Contractors also take into account whether the tree presents dangers or challenges. They consider whether the tree jeopardizes homes or power lines. Things like large wasp nests could require special handling. If conditions call for a crane or additional workers the price will rise.

Recovering Costs

Simple quotes only allow for cutting down the tree and removal of branches. Removal of the trunk and stump may be additional. Some homeowners prefer to recover some costs by dealing with these parts on their own.

It might be possible to recover some cash in certain cases. Wood workers might be interested in desirable hardwoods. Artists and crafters may want Birch wood. Good firewood is sought by homeowners with fireplaces. Poor firewood, like pine, might be used in camp fires.

Extra Fees

  • If branch chipping and yard clean up is not included, an hourly rate of $50 to $150 per hour may apply.
  • Trunk removal may add an additional several hundred dollars or more to the bill.
  • Stump and root removal may add an additional $75 to $400 to the bill.

Get quotes before having a tree removed. Make sure the quotes cover all the aspects of removal that you require. There’s peace of mind in knowing the estimated cost before work begins.